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Below are an assortment of images capturing the spirit of Latinos in Missouri, their culture, ethic, and community.  This collection is brought to you by Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates (MIRA).  For more information on their work, please visit

Images are subject to copyright.

39.jpgPhoto Credit | Sabatino by Juan Montana



41.jpgPhoto Credit | Cinco de Mayo by Juan Montana



42.jpgPhoto Credit | Couple by Juan Montana



44.jpgPhoto Credit | Traveler by Juan Montana



46.jpgPhoto Credit | Ignacio by Juan Montana



48.jpgPhoto Credit | Señor by Juan Montana



51.jpgPhoto Credit | Quickshift by Juan Montana



69.jpgPhoto Credit | El Bolero by Oscar Pedroza



70.jpgPhoto Credit | El Jerezano by Oscar Pedroza



71.jpgPhoto Credit | The Kyte by Oscar Pedroza



El_Chico_Bakery.jpgPhoto Credit | Chico Bakery by Juan Montana




10.JPGGroup of Latino Women and Children, 1926 | Missouri Valley Special Collections | Kansas City Public Library



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